Restaurant & Bar

Inspired by the former port city’s melting-pot history and the vibrant market of ancient Hoi An among its ornate Vietnamese iconic houses, the culinary experience at Anio Boutique Hotel Hoi An open your path to sumptuous Vietnamese fusion delicacies of Hoian Kitchen, authentic tastes of local drinks with upscale imported produces at The Café and a relaxing spoil amidst nature with tantalizing Western and Asian cuisine at Pool Bar.

Hoi An Kitchen

Years ago, as the sailing boat docks the harbor when goods and produces are being exchanged, you will enjoy the view just like sitting in those wooden boat frames eyeing towards the vibrant market of Hoi An town filled with culinary ingredients and cultural footprints while dining at Hoian Kitchen. With tempting authentic traditional Hoi An cuisine and exquisite play on classic Western dishes, your culinary experience is carefully and genuinely pampered in flavor and presentation.

Design to relive the vibrant market of the old days, signature décor such as displaying of exotic ceramic products, wooden exaggeration of classic abacus of the busy trade port and layers of ceramic roof-tiles were placed intricately will transport you back to a true bygone era. The Chef of Hoian Kitchen shares the highest dedication for food and food lovers from the classic of Lotus root salad to elegant Imperial Salad, from classic Braised Mackerel in Clay Pot to famous Grilled Red Tilapia with Fresh Turmeric, or the freshest vegetables, spices and herbs of Hoi An on the twist of Western dishes.  

Pool Bar

Located amidst beautiful green and airy sky, Pool Bar is your spot to unwind after a day of historical, cultural intakes of Hoian sightseeing or a simple weekend getaway. With the cool breeze of central Vietnam, our pool awaits you for a dip in the refreshing water and sip away our signature Anio Boutique Cocktail and Anio Passion Mocktail. Yet, the exquisite lounge at pool-water level is your promise to catch the glory glimpse of the glittering sun or enjoy the perfect Hoi An Sunset cocktail at the seductive sundown.

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The Café

The Café is centered as a cozy ambience with soothing music while guests can sit back in comfortable boat-shaped chair admiring the best view of the Hotel’s architectural phenomenon.

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